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Now Accelerate Your Mobility In United Kingdom

Some words about us

If you are heading to work, or to attend some event or to the airport, Jump will ensure that you reach your destination on time be it any corner of UK. As you carry on with your affairs, on a single tap you will be served by one of our top-of-the-line cars available in and around those places. We leave the competition behind with our hassle-free yet affordable service, superb features and 24*7 customer support to assure the best experience for the users.


Having aced the technological aspect of the transportation we have now turned attention to making all the good stuff of Jump available for you on the iOS App Store, Android Google Play and Windows Store COMING VERY SOON!


We Believe in happy and satisfied customers of which can only be achieved by offering some truely UNIQUE and STATE OF THE ART features to our customers. You only stop looking for better things when you have THE BEST option among all available right within your reach.

Quick food quality features

DineOrder is empowered by the three "S" SLEEK-SPEEDY-SATISFACTION

+ 1000 Restaurants

DineOrder has been serving 1000 plus happy customers for the past 5 years, giving them what they want, when they want, where they want and more.

+1000 Food Menu

DineOrder is designed to serve Takeaways and Restaurants of multiple cultures and their typical cusines. This gives you the option to choose the dish that you have been craving from your homeland or to try new dishes that you had never tried before.

Delivery or Takeaway

DineOrder lets you to choose how you want your food served, Get it served on your couch while you enjoy that BIG GAME from the Barclays Premier League or burn a few calories and pickup that Burger you so crave.

Mobile support

DineOrder is NOW as mobile responsive as ever. Meaning it will be responding to where you open the website from and it will revamp itself accordingly. Open it from your MOBILE phone and use DineOrder as an App, while from a computer it will look drastically dissimilar Go AHEAD, give it a TRY,........ TODAY!

Cash payment

Pay to the takeaways and restaurants directly.

Secure card payment

Card Payments with DineOrder is secure as its always been. Punch your card details in and BANG your order will be with you in no time without any hassle.Did your Order get delayed / never arrived? Simple! Just call us on (01782)817644 our 24*7 helpdesk and ask for a refund! Your Cash will be back with you in a whiffy-jiffy!


Got a date with a special one? Need to book a table for your Family on a particular date? Save all the runing around and hair tearing.......just open your phone and PRE-BOOK the TABLE that you want and enjoy that special moment with the special one(s) in your life!